March 20, 2016

As many others have said, he's a straight-shooter. Our truck had some sensor issues (common for a 2007 Dodge Ram) that automatically failed it for emission testing. Dave at Pittman's was the only garage after three other tries that actually focused on evaluating what was wrong. Every other place kept saying "You bring in the truck, we 'analyze' the problem for $150, give you the paper saying so, and you get the emission waiver."

What crazy people we must be to actually want to know why it was failing (i.e., was there an actual emission problem?) and decide whether or not to fix it. Dave's "analysis" cost us $50. We decided to fix the problem triggering the test failure for another $110. So, for ~$10 more we actually fixed the problem.


August 18, 2015

My truck broke down right behind Century Link Field, right after a Mariners day game. The perfect storm, as it took me 40 minutes to drive 2.5 miles.  I had my truck towed to the closet mechanic with the highest rating on YELP!  And Pittman Automotive Service pulled though and fixed my truck in nearly 1 business day.  Dave was an honest mechanic with a solid no-nonsense price. 

There was hiccup on pickup time (and the truck was not ready as anticipated), which I was going to drop him to 4 stars, but he gave me a discount, so that put him back to 5 stars!!


March 2, 2015

We have used Dave at Pittman's Automotive for repairs on our service trucks for many years and he has always been reliable and fair.


Yelp 5 Stars


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