David with 1959 Mercedes Benz 220S

Pittman Auto Services was started in 1946 by Irving Geiger and Roy D. Pittman as Geiger & Pittman Automotive. Roy bought out Irving in 1951 and renamed it Pittman Automotive Services. David Eames (Current Owner) went to work for Roy in 1971 as an apprentice, bought in as a partner in 1986 and became sole owner in 1989. Pittman Automotive Services is one of the longest surviving automotive garages in Seattle, Washington.


We can service all makes and models except Porsche however, as some service procedures have become propreitory from the manufacturer, we will tell you this and recommend the best course of action to fulfill your automotive needs. Our reputation for servicing classic cars has brought more clientele to our door. Our motto for classic cars is: " If your car is older than your mechanic you've got a problem." An honest answer to your automotive question is just a phone call away.


What separates Pittman Automotive Services from the rest of the field is personalized service. When you call you get Dave and his 45 years of experience, not the usual layer of receptionist, front desk or service advisor.